This place is called Świętokrzyska Ibiza. Tourists can feel like in Spain

This place is called Świętokrzyska Ibiza.  Tourists can feel like in Spain

There have already been Polish Maldives, and this time it's time for local Spain. At one of the reservoirs you can feel like you are in a foreign resort. This place has long been called the Świętokrzyska Ibiza.

Świętokrzyska Ibiza, or Sielpia Wielka, is a village liked by Poles located in the province of… Świętokrzyskie, right on a huge reservoir. Although the place is compared to a Spanish resort, not everyone has heard of it. This is an interesting proposition for a short weekend trip or even a summer vacation. Here you will definitely forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.

Świętokrzyska Ibiza. This is what the Sielpia Reservoir looks like

Sielpia Wielka is a huge recreation complex designed for singles, couples and families with children. On-site events include: organized trips such as colonies or camps. The area is exceptionally friendly and attractive due to its interesting location. Spending time by the reservoir, you can feel like you are in Masuria, and some people even compare these areas to the Spanish Ibiza.

The reservoir in Sielpia Wielka and the holiday resort were not created naturally. It has existed since the 1960s. Despite this, it attracts tourists and is extremely popular. Sielpia Reservoir with an area of ​​57.41 ha was created on the Czarna Konecka River. This is one of the largest recreational reservoirs in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

The area is very vast and allows you to relax in many exclusive resorts. In Sielpia Wielka, apart from the attractive resort, visitors can expect, among others: a rope park, hiking trails, bicycle paths and Saint Catherine's Mountain. There are also well-developed reservoirs for fishing on site.

What does Ibiza have in common with Sielpia Wielka?

Ibiza is a popular Spanish island. It is associated with, among others, with a famous holiday resort, beautiful beaches, warm sea and discos. People who like a party lifestyle and holidays full of summer attractions eagerly come to this place. Why is Sielpia Wielka in the province associated with this island? Świętokrzyskie?

Sielpia is called the Świętokrzyska Ibiza mainly for tourist and spa reasons. It is said that the local resin forests have a positive effect on improving well-being and rapid regeneration of the respiratory tract and circulatory system. Although at first glance, after looking at the photos from the Polish reservoir, you may have the impression that the nickname assigned to the Polish place was a bit exaggerated, it must be admitted that the area looks really good.

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