Two years of national team lost. The expert has no doubts about Poles’ chances for the EURO

Two years of national team lost.  The expert has no doubts about Poles' chances for the EURO

The Polish national team already knows who they can play against in the group stage of EURO 2024. However, they do not know whether they will definitely go to this tournament. The valued expert talks about wasted years, looking pessimistically at the Poles’ chance at the European Championships.

The Polish national team got to know its potential rivals in the group stage of EURO 2024. Michał Probierz’s team hit it as hard as they could. However, we are talking about a scenario in which the White and Reds will win the play-offs and actually advance to next year’s tournament in Germany.

The valued expert has no doubts about the Polish team

To achieve this, Poland must first defeat Estonia at home (March 21, 2024 in Warsaw), and then, a few days later, face the winner of the Wales-Finland clash away. Only this will allow us to prepare one hundred percent for the European Championships. Potentially, in group D, the Poles will play against the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

Dariusz Szpakowski does not hide his harsh opinion about Poles’ chances during the EURO. A valued expert in the “7 Dnie Sport” program stated that currently he does not see anyone whom the Poles could defeat in the group stage of the European Championship after possible promotion. However, he does not hide that the promotion itself is necessary to correct the mistakes made over the last two years.

– We can rely on the unpredictability of football. The atmosphere is not winning, the players are playing. We lost two years to change something. This must be done successively. I wish we were at Euro. It would be a great experience for the young people joining this team. Not going to Germany would be a step back on many levels. We would fall in the ranking, we would lose places in better baskets – said Szpakowski.

Poland will fight to go to EURO 2024

Regardless of the result of the match against Estonia, the Polish national team will also play the second match in March. The opponent will then be the loser of the clash between the Welsh and the Finns. EURO 2024 is scheduled to start on June 14 in Munich.

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