The existence of the Orłowski Cliff in Gdynia hangs in the balance. Polish attraction under threat

The existence of the Orłowski Cliff in Gdynia hangs in the balance.  Polish attraction under threat

The Orłowski Cliff is one of the most popular natural attractions in Gdynia. Her condition has been getting worse for a long time and now the place has been closed.

To find the iconic Orłowski Cliff, you need to move away from the beach available in the very center of the city on the boulevards. It is located near the city pier. Today it is no longer as attractive as it was even two years ago. The place is going dark and tourists are asked not to approach it.

Orłowski Cliff may disappear. It's a natural process

The cliff in Orłowo is the steep sea shore of Kępa Redłowska. It is located on the border of the Redłowo and Orłowo districts. Tourists had been visiting it for years and were often able to climb to the top without any worries. There was even a special trail leading to the top, where you could freely take photos and admire the views. Today it's a bit different.

Gdynia's attraction is already about 26 years old and it turns out that its life is coming to an end. “The reason for this state of affairs is that the erosion of the Orłowski Cliff, just like any other active cliff slope, is a continuous process, not an incidental one,” said Marcin Skrzypek, chief specialist for protection of forests and dunes of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. He also added that a year ago, part of the clay cliff wall collapsed, and now the slopes on both sides of the cliff wall have collapsed.

Klif Orłowski closed. It's not safe

Currently, access to the Orłowski Klif is prohibited, and special warning signs have appeared on site. “Coastal technical strip. Landslides pose a risk of accidents,” we read on one of them. Unfortunately, while the message is clear, some people continue to explore these areas. When in Gdynia, remember that today the cliff is best admired only from a safe distance. If we are talking about the entire area of ​​the Kępa Redłowska reserve, you should only travel along designated trails.

The threat of landslides and cliffs is today considered fatal. The following people found out how dangerous walking near a cliff can be: one of the tourists. He fell and slid down several meters. Unfortunately, the situation ended tragically.

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