Unlucky mushroom picking. A woman got lost in the forest and got stuck in it all night

Went out for mushrooms for 30 minutes.  Internet users rub their eyes in surprise

A resident of the Tarnówka commune got stuck in the forest for the whole night. A 39-year-old woman went mushroom picking alone. At some point, she lost her orientation in the area and suffered a leg injury. After being found by the police, she was taken to the hospital.

On Sunday, August 6, the duty officer from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Złotów received a report from a woman who reported that she was lost in the nearby forest. The 39-year-old said that the day before she went mushroom picking, during which she injured her leg and could not find her way back.

Tarnowka. A woman got lost in the forest

A resident of the Tarnówka commune tried to ask for help earlier, but her phone was out of range. After spending the whole night in the forest, around 8 am she called the emergency number. She told the dispatcher that she was soaked and cold. She also reported that her leg hurts. The police officer asked the woman to describe the characteristic points next to which she was located.

During the conversation, the connection was broken, and subsequent attempts to establish contact turned out to be unsuccessful. The duty officer ordered the police officers from the criminal department to search for the woman. An officer who knew the area well found her at the edge of the forest.

The police warn against solitary trips to the forest

Wanted was soaked. She was sitting on the ground and had trouble moving around. The police gave her first aid and called an ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance, mushroom pickers who appeared in the forest in the morning also offered their support. The woman was hospitalized.

“This situation showed how little is needed for a mushroom picking to end tragically” – we read in the communiqué of the KPP in Złotów. Press officer Asst. Damian Pachuc reminded the basic rules that should be followed by people going mushroom picking. He stressed, among other things, that one should not go to the forest alone or move away from accompanying people. He also appealed to have a charged phone and inform relatives about the direction of the planned journey.

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