There are still about 3 million “smokestacks” in Poland. Banned in 8 regions from 2024

There are still about 3 million "smokestacks" in Poland. Banned in 8 regions from 2024

It is estimated that there are approximately 3 million so-called “Cinderellas”. Pursuant to the so-called anti-smog resolution, in 2024 they will have to disappear from eight voivodeships. Each region introduces its own regulations. Residents of Sopot have to take into account relatively strong restrictions.

In 2016, the so-called anti-smog resolution regarding users of solid fuel boilers (so-called “smoke boilers”). It assumes that boilers that have been in operation for more than 10 years should be liquidated. Initially, these rules concerned the Silesian and Podkarpackie voivodeships, over time they were extended to other regions. From January 1, 2024 next year, stoves will not be allowed to be used in eight voivodeships, which means that the oldest stoves will be banned in half of Poland. Each voivodeship introduces its own regulations.

“Cinderellas” will disappear from 8 voivodeships. Strict rules in Sopot

The Pomeranian regional council has decided that from the new year, Sopot residents will not be able to heat their homes with coal or wood. – Fireplaces can be used, but not as the main source of heat. Two – these must be installations that meet ecodesign requirements. Three – the heating material used must be of appropriate quality – says Krzysztof Pałkowski from the Pomeranian Marshal’s Office in an interview with TVN24.

Officials point out that the restrictive regulations result from the fact that Sopot has been a health resort for almost 25 years. They also remind that those who do not replace the furnace by the end of the year will not be charged subsidies.

– Residents who do not benefit from the subsidies will not replace their coal-fired furnaces by the end of 2023, for example with ecological devices, they will not benefit from the commune’s subsidies in this matter, they will unfortunately have to do it at their own expense – explains Marek Niziołek, Sopot City Hall.

Who’s holding back?

Anti-smog resolutions have already been passed by 16 assemblies. Among the regions that have not yet made specific decisions on this issue are Podlasie and the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. – The air quality in our voivodeship is good, much better than in other regions of the country, especially in southern Poland. Therefore, such a resolution was not needed too quickly – said Bogdan Meina from the Warmian-Masurian Marshal’s Office.

The regional council in Olsztyn is thinking about introducing bans. However, this will not happen before the local elections, which are scheduled for next spring.

It is estimated that there are still approximately 3 million “Cinderella” in Poland.

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