A new contract for the Polish arms industry. Rockets worth almost $5 billion

A new contract for the Polish arms industry.  Rockets worth almost $5 billion

The Polish Armaments Group signed a contract with MBDA for the supply of 100 launchers and 1,000 missiles, worth almost USD 5 billion. The contract was concluded as part of the Narew program – one of the largest modernization programs of the Polish army.

The contract covers CAMM ER missiles. Poland is to receive 100 launchers and 1,000 missiles. The agreement also includes the transfer of technology to Poland and will enable production in the country. “Today, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and MBDA concluded another industrial agreement in the Narew program, as a result of which the Polish defense industry will provide the Polish Armed Forces with over 1,000 CAMM ER missiles and over 100 launchers. Its value exceeds 4 billion pounds (approx. PLN 20 billion),” wrote the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak on the X platform.

New missiles for Poland

The new air defense system is capable of countering threats such as cruise missiles and fighter jets from a distance of over 40 km. The system, known as Common Anti-Air Modular Missiles – Extended Range, or CAMM-ER, is produced by European missile manufacturer MBDA.

The agreement is MBDA’s largest ever export contract and follows on from a £1.9 billion deal for shorter-range missiles concluded in April as part of Poland’s future Narew air defense program.

“This is another key step forward in our historic defense relationship with Poland, delivering next-generation air defense capabilities that will provide a clear deterrent to our adversaries,” said British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps.

Defense cooperation

The air defense system will also use the American Integrated Combat Command System and Polish radars. According to the UK Ministry of Defense, as part of the partnership, British engineers from Bolton, Bristol and Stevenage will work with their Polish counterparts, sharing key technologies and supporting jobs and key skills in both countries for over 15 years.

“The UK stands with Poland to defend NATO’s eastern flank and support Ukraine against Russian aggression,” the Ministry of National Defense added in a statement.

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