More money for public housing. Buda with record support

More money for public housing.  Buda with record support

This year, local governments will receive record-breaking support for the construction of communal flats, said Minister of Development Waldemar Buda on TVP Info. On Monday, the minister handed over checks for PLN 350 million to local government officials.

On Monday, Minister Waldemar Buda handed over to local government officials checks for co-financing the construction and renovation of municipal housing for a total amount of PLN 350 million – this will translate into about 1,750 renovated or built apartments, Waldemar Buda told TVP Info.

Municipal construction

Support for local governments reaches 85 percent. costs of construction or renovation of a communal flat. “We are going down in history as the largest municipal housing program,” said Minister Buda.

The money was transferred to 70 local governments, but the funds will still be available. – There is still a pool of approx. PLN 300 million. which we will hand over to local governments in September. This is a very important program because there are local governments, such as Łódź, which have a large housing stock in the form of vacant buildings, which they are unable to renovate with their own money, said the minister.

2 percent loan

Minister Buda was also asked about the “Safe Credit 2%” programme, which allows you to take out a cheap loan to buy your first apartment. Such loans are already granted by 9 banks that have signed an agreement with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

– We have an explosion of interest, we have 18 thousand. applications and already 700 contracts – said Buda. – This is very important, because 18 thousand. people will have a solved housing program.

A subsidized loan may be applied for by persons who, as at the date of submitting the loan application, are under 45 years of age, and in the case of persons running a joint household, it is enough that one of them is under the age of 45 (provided that both parties to this loan agreement ). A person taking out a housing loan and persons forming part of his household before the date of its granting will not be able to hold the ownership right to a flat or a single-family house.

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