The dramatic situation of Polish mothers. “I don't remember such a crisis”

The dramatic situation of Polish mothers.  "I don't remember such a crisis"

On May 17, several dozen mothers from all over Poland stood in front of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Donald Tusk to tell him about how they are treated in Polish courts.

The initiative – the social movement “Mama speakEnough” – a day after the march of fathers protesting against the phenomenon of parental alienation, decided to talk about their experiences with the justice system.

The image of the treatment of mothers and children in recent years by Polish courts and the police, which emerged from the emotional statements of the gathered women, is – to say the least – scandalous.

Mothers reported very brutal removal of their children, assisted by a dozen or so policemen, and often even criminal officers. – Maybe instead of taking children away from their mothers, they should focus on fighting drug or weapons dealers – said one of the demonstration participants.

The well-being of children is lost in the regulations

Joanna Warpas, mediator, co-author of the book “I've had enough”, emphasized that the alimony debt of parents (mainly fathers) to children, estimated at PLN 15 billion, is in fact six times greater, because only every sixth child uses money from the Alimony Fund. In her opinion, without a social change in the perception of alimony payers, leniency and higher and more effective penalties, there is no chance for children to recover the money they are owed.

Another mediator admitted that in twenty years of her work in family matters, she did not remember such a crisis. In her opinion, the best interests of children are lost in the regulations, in articles, in paragraphs, and no one takes care of children. – The child is torn from hand to hand, the courts are completely uninterested in the child's situation, cases are handled by dilettantes who are unable to establish contact, e.g. with children experiencing violence. The judges are untrained, she said.

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