A new banner on the NBP building. “Prices hardly changed”

A new banner on the NBP building.  “Prices hardly changed”

The National Bank of Poland placed an oil banner on its headquarters building. He boasts about his successes, informing that “prices have hardly changed for 4 months”.

“Thanks to NBP, Poland is on the right track, prices have hardly changed for 4 months” – we can read on a large banner that hung at the headquarters of the National Bank of Poland at pl. Insurgents in Warsaw. This is another installment of the banner campaign run by the institution.

NBP banners

A similar banner was displayed by the National Bank of Poland in May. At that time, he informed that Russia, which had attacked Ukraine and destabilized the market of energy resources, was to blame for the galloping inflation.

Now the central bank boasts that inflation has practically stagnated for four months. Readings on an annual basis, however, are still high and, despite a noticeable decrease, exceed 10 percent. According to the money.pl portal, the cost of such a banner exceeds PLN 300,000. zlotys.

“It is not possible to indicate the exact costs that are of interest to you, due to the multifaceted nature of the activities undertaken in connection with the implementation of various tasks of the NBP,” NBP wrote back in response to a parliamentary question about campaign costs.

Inflation is falling

Last week, the Central Statistical Office released a preliminary estimate of CPI inflation for July. It amounted to 10.8 percent. This so-called quick respect. Details of the data – how exactly the prices of individual food goods, other products (fuel, energy, clothing, etc.) or services have changed – will be known on August 14.

10.8 percent reading is the lowest since February 2022, when annual inflation amounted to 8.5 percent. Inflation in Poland has been falling for the fifth month in a row – it peaked in February this year, when it reached 18.4 percent. Every year. Since April 2021, the consumer price index has been above the upper limit for deviations from the inflation target set by the Monetary Policy Council at 2.5%.

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