Pedophile YouTubers, the last leg of the campaign and what doctors are fighting for. What else in the new “Wprost”?

Pedophile YouTubers, the last leg of the campaign and what doctors are fighting for.  What else in the new "Wprost"?

Additionally in the edition: Adam Bodnar on plans for the Senate, Anna Kornacka on women’s elections, Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz on timophilia among politicians, Aleksandra Przegalińska on the dangerous “median human”, the division of Poles and Hungarians, how to satisfy the national housing hunger, why “book people” replaced “jesieniary” and many others.

“Children molested online.” – An influencer who uses practices similar to Weinstein has the opportunity to contact millions of children and teenagers online – he warns in an interview with Krystyna Romanowska Magdalena Bigajpresident of the Digital Citizenship Institute Foundation.

“Disgusting game of pedophilia.” Fighters grab ugly. This is the shortest summary of what is happening around the pedophilia scandal among Polish YouTubers. It is clear that such matters need to be dealt with and prevented. The problem is that the politicians of the two main parties only play with them, and they deeply respect the well-being of the wronged, he writes. Tomasz Terlikowski.

“There will be more victims.” – There are those who molest minors, but there are also those who make money by feigning innocence – he explains in an interview Krystyna Romanowska YouTube influencer who wants to remain anonymous.

What else in the new “Wprost”

“The Three-Headed Dragon and the Besieged Fortress.” The Million Hearts March improved the situation of the opposition parties somewhat. The first polls showed an improvement in the Civic Coalition’s ratings and stabilization above the electoral threshold of the left and Third Way. But PiS can still maintain power, he writes Eliza Olczyk.

“Women’s Suffrage”. – Let as many women vote as possible. We have to fight for every Polish woman who is discouraged from voting, he encourages in an interview with Agnieszka Szczepańska Anna Kornackaformer chairman of the Women’s Party.

“I know what to do in parliament.” – Agnieszka Holland reflected what was happening in this Polish soul over the last two years – she says in an interview Joanna Miziołek prof. Adam Bodnar.

“A psychologist on the discussion surrounding the film Holland”. – The discussion around the film “The Green Border” cannot be logical because it is about identity – he says Krystyna Romanowska Paweł Droździakpsychologist and group trainer.

“Książkary” took over “autumn”. Social media are changing the way we participate in culture – the best example are bookstagrammers who made young people start reading books – writes Marta Byczkowska-Nowak.

“I have no ambition to be perfect.” – I would prefer to talk about my professional life rather than my private life in interviews. It’s always worth believing that dreams come true, he says Wiktor KrajewskiWeronika Rosati.

“Strange faces of sex”. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to watch the debates, because although in some candidates for power I see a sincere desire to achieve the common good and authentic patriotism, in others timophilia or pride syndrome are all too visible – he writes prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz.

“We want to live on our own.” Poles are buying apartments like crazy. – More and more often, they buy a second apartment without planning to rent it. All it needs is for it to stand still… and become more expensive – he says Przemysław Bociąga Katarzyna Kuniewiczreal estate market analyst.

“The dangerous term median human.” We cannot forget that artificial intelligence is a tool created by people and for people. Its development should serve the social good, and not just satisfy the ambitions of a few technology tycoons, he writes prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska.

“Poland offended”. The Polish arms industry and top diplomats make sure to give Ukraine a wide berth. Kiev knows that there is a queue of people who are already taking our place, he warns Jakub Mielnik.

“Pole – Hungarian, once two nephews.” Americans showed research showing how many differences there are between Poles and Hungarians. First of all, the attitude towards Moscow and the sanctions imposed on Russia. More in the text Marcin Makowski.

“Systemic changes are necessary.” – Parties promise shorter queues to specialists, but this will not happen if the functioning of the entire health care system does not change – he says Katarzyna Pinkosz Łukasz Jankowskipresident of the Supreme Medical Chamber.

“Today’s ‘Quack'”. The most awaited Polish Netflix film – “The Quack Man” – has already been released on the website. They talk about the background of its creation Sylwia Szostak: producer Magdalena Szwedkowicz and director Michal Gazda.

“I am carrying out my plans.” Matteo Bocellison of Andrea Bocelli, in an interview with Wiktor Krajewski he says that he is not following in his father’s footsteps, although they recorded a hit together a few years ago. He is a pop singer, likes rap and rock.

“An actress turned businesswoman.” – After you turn 50, you become transparent to show business. Fortunately, I have some slack in this matter, because I have my own publishing house and too much work, he says Katarzyna Burzyńska-Sychowicz Edyta Jungowska.

“7 novels for autumn”. Keith Richards, the dashing octogenarian rocker, reads for his health. Let’s read too, especially since autumn will be more and more troublesome. Here are seven books that we recommend as important reading for the coming months. Recommends Leszek Bugajski.

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