Promotion at the end of the holidays. Wizz Air lowers ticket prices

Promotion at the end of the holidays.  Wizz Air lowers ticket prices

You’ve just returned from vacation but you want to go somewhere again? Wizz Air meets your expectations and has just prepared a unique promotion. Only now you can buy airline tickets with 20% discount. cheaper. Get to know the details of the discount.

Travel agencies and well-known carriers do everything to encourage customers to use their services. Some are expanding their connection networks to include attractive destinations – e.g. Ryanair decided to launch flights from Warsaw-Modlin Airport to Copenhagen. Others, in turn, organize promotions that are hard to ignore.

The Wizz Air brand has prepared price reductions for its customers. The carrier has launched a unique promotion in the application. Only now you can buy airline tickets with a 20% discount. cheaper. Better hurry, the sale only lasts 24 hours.

Promotion at Wizz Air

Great news for customers has just appeared in the Wizz Air application. The brand organized a promotion at the very end of the holidays. It is valid only on Wednesday, August 23 and reduces airline ticket prices by 20%.

The discount applies to flights from September 1 to December 14. This means that travelers can also buy cheap tickets for autumn and winter travel. The strict holiday season is excluded from the offer.

The promotion applies to selected flights – discounted flights can be found in the search engine. Reservations can be made via the carrier’s website or in the Wizz Air application.

New connections from Poland

In addition to the news recently announced by Ryanair, which intends to expand in Copenhagen, well-known travel agencies are already informing customers about their plans for winter 2023/2024 and summer 2024. Itaka, for example, intends to take winter travelers to Brazil, and Rainbow Tours will fly direct from Warsaw and Katowice to Margarita Island.

In turn, Rainbow Tours intends to organize holidays from the Masurian airport to hot Tunisia. Flights between Olsztyn and the African country will be operated every Thursday from August 29 to September 26, 2024. Itaka announced that it will continue the trips that were already successful in June this year. We are talking about flights from Olsztyn to Turkish Antalya.

Will you be tempted by one of these offers?

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