A historic moment on the Stock Exchange. Today is the first online debut

A historic moment on the Stock Exchange.  Today is the first online debut

Today, an unprecedented event will take place on the Stock Exchange. SimFabric will debut on NewConnect. However, it will happen… online.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange will witness a historic debut today. SimFabryc will join 377 companies listed on NewConnect. However, this will happen online. The ceremony will be broadcast on the WSE YouTube channel. All because of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

First online debut and youngest president

SimFabric is a computer game producer. The company became famous, among others, from so-called ports of well-known titles released on desktop computers. Thanks to the company’s work, these games could also be played by users of the most popular consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. However, the company did not stop there and decided to start producing its own games. The first one was Farm Expert 2018 Mobile, which sold over two million copies. Currently, the company is working on games such as: Farm&Fix 2020, ElectriX, Moon Village, Cthulhu: Books of Ancients, Mushrooms: Forest Walker and Flipper Mechanic.

With the company’s debut on NewConnect, not only the number of listed companies will change, but also the youngest president managing a joint-stock company. Today, it will be Julia Leszczyńska, president of the management board of SimFabric.

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