30th birthday of the iconic Doom. The game received new content on this occasion

30th birthday of the iconic Doom.  The game received new content on this occasion

Doom, the first part of the cult series of games from id Software, is already 30 years old. On this occasion, the creators have prepared a new portion of gameplay for players.

It makes you want to ask: when did it end? Although in the computer games industry, 30 years is an eternity. And on December 10, 1993, one of the precursors of this industry saw the light of day, i.e. the completely new Doom series. Even though at that time, probably no one knew that we would be dealing with a whole series of games, the subsequent installments of which, although completely modern, are still released today.

30 years of Doom. Creators release new content

John Romero, the most famous creator of the legendary Doom, has just announced that on the occasion of the game’s 30th anniversary, he and his team decided to present players with a new story campaign called SIGIL II (the title refers to the original).

The released package includes not only nine new levels designed for single-player gameplay, but also eight new maps for multiplayer mode. All this was accompanied by music composed by James Paddock from id Software, who 30 years ago not only became famous for his similar contribution to the original, but was also a graphic designer and one of the level designers.

Doom lives forever

Even though 30 years have passed since the release of the original version of Doom, it is worth being aware that games from this series are still released today. Suffice it to mention Doom from 2016 or Doom Eternal from 2020, the two most modern versions of the cult series, which can be played not only on personal computers (as it used to be), but also on the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Importantly, the modern parts of Doom have retained not only its unique atmosphere and exaggerated brutality, but most importantly – a high level of playability. Play them to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series.

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