Magdalena Fręch opens up about her problems. The Polish tennis player experienced a nightmare

Magdalena Fręch opens up about her problems.  The Polish tennis player experienced a nightmare

Magdalena Fręch, a tennis player from Łódź, has had the best season in her career. The 26-year-old player is Poland’s third racket, after Iga Świątek and Magda Linette. The Łódź resident spoke honestly about her huge health problems.

Magdalena Fręch is certainly one of the most interesting figures on the Polish tennis market in recent years. The Łódź native first broke into the top hundred of the WTA rankings, and then consistently takes further steps, climbing the ranks of the world ranking. At the end of 2023, Fręch ranks 74th.

Magdalena Fręch talks honestly about her health

It is worth adding, however, that in November the Łódź player was even ranked number 63 in the world ranking. Month by month, the results were becoming more and more optimistic. In an interview for WP/SportoweFakty, Fręch revealed what her reality was like not so long ago. And it wasn’t rosy at all back then.

– I had chronic inflammation of my wrist. I did miracles to get everything back to normal. No medications, injections or treatments helped. I was so desperate that I even tried leeches, acupuncture and other unconventional methods. Despite this, I woke up every day in pain and wondered what to do next. The injury, which should have been cured in a few days, blocked me for almost a year. I was leaving for training, and after two hits with my racket, I knew I couldn’t do it and I had to go home. All the doctors’ predictions were wrong (…) In hindsight, I can say that I was depressed at the time. The whole time I was only thinking about my wrist. I couldn’t do what I loved. I didn’t even know if the pain would ever go away. It was a truly terrible period that left a mark on my psyche and I still struggle with the consequences to this day, said the tennis player.

It is even more commendable that despite the problems, the Łódź player fought bravely on the court, consolidating her position on the world rankings.

Iga Świątek tops the WTA rankings

Polish fans, although the tennis reality in the country is not particularly favorable, may have reasons to be satisfied when looking at the women’s world lists. Iga Świątek is the leader of the WTA ranking for the second year in a row.

Magda Linette is in 24th place. In 2023, the Poznań native reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open Grand Slam, achieving her life’s success. The hundred also includes the quoted Fręch. So you can see that the potential among single women is really good.

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