Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality goggle costing over PLN 14,000. zloty. The US is crazy about them

Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality goggle costing over PLN 14,000.  zloty.  The US is crazy about them

Vision Pro goggles, the first completely new Apple product since the debut of the iPhone, appeared in stores in the United States, where they are very popular. It talks about a truly “breakthrough product”.

Last Friday, Apple fans lined up in large numbers in front of the company’s showrooms to buy it Apple Vision Proor “Apple’s most groundbreaking product since the launch of the first iPhone,” as some of its early testers and reviewers call it.

Of course, Tim Cook, the CEO of the company with the bitten apple in the logo, speaks in a similar tone about Vision Pro. The head of Apple personally appeared at the Apple flagship store in New York in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue to personally participate in the premiere of the first completely new device in the company’s portfolio since 2016.

Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality goggle

What exactly is this new category of devices that includes Apple Vision Pro?

Some people call them VR goggles (virtual reality goggles), although the term AR (augmented reality goggles) is actually a bit better suited. Because Vision Pro is primarily based on the ability to place virtual objects in real space.

Apple Vision Pro allows you to mix the real and virtual worlds. The goggles offer the ability to display various objects in three-dimensional space, and even entire desktops, on which you can freely arrange application windows and then use them as if their interfaces were right in front of your eyes. This way you can, for example, view e-mail, use a document editor, browse the Internet and even play games. Apple intends to deliver up to one million compatible applications to the Vision Pro platform.

Of course, you can completely cover your eyesight with these desktops and windows to ensure 100% visibility. lose yourself in the virtual world, but the goggles, on their monitors set at an appropriate angle, also allow you to display the real image and only mix it with digitally generated objects. There are a lot of possibilities here to adjust the character of the displayed image to your preferences

Vision Pro is something like Meta Quest goggles

Very similar possibilities to Apple Vision Pro are offered by Meta Quest 3, the third version of the AR goggles from Meta Platforms, behind which is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of, among others, Facebook and Instagram, i.e. social platforms that are part of the holding company called Meta.

When it comes to the differences between these two platforms, the first thing that catches the eye is their price. Whereas with the purchase of Meta Quest 3 you can get within PLN 3,000. PLN, then you have to pay $3,499 for Vision Pro from Apple, which at the current exchange rate is over PLN 14,000. zloty.

However, Apple swears that it is their augmented reality goggles, unlike those of the competition, that will be able to completely turn this still fresh field of new technologies upside down and, just like it happened with the iPhone, on the smartphone market – once again set new goals. quality standards and revolutionize the industry.

When in Poland?

AR goggles from Apple are currently available only on the American market. Apple Vision Pro is expected to arrive in Europe a little later, and it is already said that due to limited production capabilities, it may not happen until 2015.

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