Messenger will lose function. Communicator will be impoverished

Messenger will lose function.  Communicator will be impoverished

Messenger – one of the most popular messengers on the Internet – gives up the useful function of sending messages to phone numbers. The option has been available for many years, but will be gone in September.

Meta has decided to restrict the Messenger app. Soon, the messenger will lose the ability to support SMS, which was quite useful for minimalists.

Facebook Messenger without SMS – Meta restricts apps

The corporation has announced that it intends to end support for the functionality in September 2023. This means that the Messenger app will lose the ability to handle SMS messages. This option was introduced in the distant 2016, but the company decided to cut it off after 7 years.

“Users will not be able to use Messenger to send and receive text messages over the cellular network. Znana will come into force after the update scheduled for September 28, 2023,” is the official Meta message sent to users.

What’s more, the company advised fans of the app to change the default SMS handler now, for example to Google Messages or Samsung Messages. This can be done in the smartphone options by selecting the menu Options>Applications>Select default applications>SMS application.

SMS in Messenger – another failed Facebook attempt

As the media recall, Messenger allowed sending SMS messages back in 2012. A year later, however, the feature was withdrawn. Then the tech giant came back to the idea again – this time only in 2016.

The second approach was to clearly separate SMS from classic Facebook chat messages. This system seemed to work better and held up for a couple of years until the service was discontinued for the second time this year.

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