Scammers offer accommodation for the May weekend. The fake “promotion” only lasts a few minutes

Scammers offer accommodation for the May weekend.  The fake "promotion" only lasts a few minutes

May holidays have already started for some, others still have their trip ahead of them. If you are looking for accommodation at the last minute, beware of scammers. They use specific tactics.

Finding accommodation for the May long weekend can be difficult, especially if we do it at the last minute and have high expectations. Many of us look for cheap offers and hope to find a perfect, inexpensive hotel or guesthouse. It is not impossible, especially if we are considering less popular locations, but you need to be careful with scammers. Now many of them are tempted by fake promotions.

Fake accommodation for the May weekend. Scammers tempt you with promotions

May weekend is a time when fraudsters lie in wait for tourists every year. They use, among others: their absent-mindedness and haste. NASK, the National Research Institute, warns against nefarious practices. He points out that there are more and more accommodation offers on the Internet that do not exist. Those most at risk of becoming victims of fraud are those looking for last-minute offers.

People offering fake hotels and guesthouses tempt with promotions, but they do not provide a telephone number. Their offer is usually only valid for a few hours to make it seem more inaccessible. What matters is that a potential customer decides to buy a seat as soon as possible and then has no opportunity to contact the fraudster.

Looking for accommodation for the May weekend. Don't do this

NASK informs that we should not look for May weekend accommodation in places that do not guarantee the security of the transaction. Therefore, it is not worth reaching for obscure or suspicious websites or strange Facebook advertisements. However, you must remember that there may be a suspicious offer hidden everywhere. “Fraudsters take advantage of the popularity of applications and websites that enable quick comparison and selection of accommodation,” we read in the statement.

It is not worth booking accommodation from offers where it is obvious that contact with the owner is difficult and when there is time pressure on the booker. “Awareness and knowledge about the threats related to online payments can protect us against the loss of not only money, but also data,” reminded Anna Kwaśnik, head of the Information and Popularization Projects Team at NASK. “There are many solutions on the market that protect users of payment platforms, but we cannot rely only on them. Common sense, vigilance and verification of the websites where we make financial transactions must accompany us every day,” she added.

NASK emphasizes that if we are cheated when booking accommodation, we should contact the police as soon as possible and immediately secure our bank account.

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