A famous Polish attraction full of new products. The Srebrna Góra Fortress is a tourist hit

A famous Polish attraction full of new products.  The Srebrna Góra Fortress is a tourist hit

The Srebrna Góra Fortress is an attraction that attracts many tourists in the country. It is unique in Europe, and now a completely new route is available there.

Do you like discovering new local attractions? If so, this time we have a renewed offer for you straight from Lower Silesia. It is there, close to the border with the Czech Republic, that the town of Srebrna Góra is located. It contains the so-called a fortress in the clouds that is hypnotizing at first glance. What are we actually talking about?

Srebrna Góra Fortress. What attraction is this?

The Srebrna Góra Fortress returns in a completely new version. Now, a new route has been made available to tourists, and the facility itself has undergone a thorough renovation. You can already use it, so it’s a perfect solution for a weekend trip. This is one of the most interesting attractions of the province. Lower Silesia, built in 1765-1777. The fortress was once intended to provide military security for Silesia, conquered by Prussia in 1740. From 4 to 4.5 thousand people were involved in the construction. workers and it lasted 12 years – it is the largest such fortress in Europe.

Once there, you can see the fortress surrounded by forests and lush greenery. The hill is very impressive and allows you to admire majestic views. So far, tourists have visited the monument in large numbers. Recently, renovations were underway and visits had to be restrained. Now they are finally possible.

The Srebrna Góra Fortress has undergone major renovation

After the renovation, the Srebrna Góra Fortress became even more attractive. The investment value was estimated at approximately PLN 26 million. Inaccessible parts of the fortifications were cleared of rubble, communication routes were reconstructed, and drawbridges were installed. Today we can find there, among others: a large bridge made of larch wood or replicas of construction machines and equipment. In addition, the gates of the Upper Bastion, the Horn Fort, as well as the walls and the cavalry were restored, where a new exhibition was also arranged.

Most of these attractions are located on the new tourist route. It is open in June from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also visit it with a guide. The Srebrna Góra Fortress itself can be viewed until 7 p.m. Tickets cost from PLN 30 to PLN 40.

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