A difficult start to the season for Warta Zawiercie. The player thinks it will get worse

A difficult start to the season for Warta Zawiercie.  The player thinks it will get worse

After a spectacular transfer window, many experts pointed out Warta Zawiercie as one of the contenders for the Polish championship. Unfortunately, in the first two matches, the Jurassic Knights recorded a false start. Their player Miguel Tavares Rodrigues thinks it will be even more difficult.

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie has recorded very good results in recent years. The Jurassic Knights took third and fourth place in the PlusLiga, respectively. With simultaneous reinforcements, among others: Mateusz Bieniek, Trevor Clevenot, Karol Butryn and Luke Perry meant that they were predicted to fight for the gold medal with Jastrzębski Węgiel, Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Asseco Resovia.

A Warta Zawiercie player on the difficult start of the PlusLiga season

Unfortunately, Michał Winiarski’s players had a small false start in the PlusLiga. First, they lost 1:3 to Indykpol AZS Olsztyn in the first round and 2:3 to Asseco Resovia in the next round. Both of these defeats were interwoven with a 3-0 victory against TSV Hartberg in the CEV Cup.

Miguel Tavares Rodrigues, Warta’s Portuguese playmaker, commented on the situation of the team from Zawiercie on plusliga.pl, who believes that very good names in the club do not immediately guarantee triumphs in PlusLiga. – Our team’s potential can only be assessed at the end of the season, not now. Certainly, very good names on paper do not automatically guarantee titles and medals, he confessed.

– I think that during the competition we will have many fierce matches like the one in Rzeszów. First of all, we have to fight, give our all, and in the end, the best team will simply win the PlusLiga – he added.

Miguel Tavares Rodriguez: It will be even more difficult

Not only Warta Zawiercia made reinforcements, but all PlusLiga clubs. Therefore, does Miguel Tavares Rodriguez expect an even more fierce fight for medals than last season? – It is still a bit too early for such assessments. There is certainly a large group of teams with strong squads and a good level of play, he continued.

– It seems to me that every year the competition in Poland takes a step forward and the matches in general are more and more even and really difficult. That’s why I think this will be another season in which it will be even more difficult to be at the top – he concluded.

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