Terrible behavior of the former coach of European champions. Journalists can’t believe it

Terrible behavior of the former coach of European champions.  Journalists can't believe it

The Apennine Peninsula was in turmoil after the decision made by Roberto Mancini. The coach of the Italian national team resigned from his position, unexpectedly resigning. The journalists of “La Gazetta dello Sport”, however, reached the alleged backstage of the coach’s decision.

It is worth recalling that although the football team of Italy has not impressed in recent months, we are still talking about the current European champions. It was under the leadership of coach Roberto Mancini that the Italians reached for the triumph during the memorable tournament held in 2021, in the shadow of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the decisive match, the Italians defeated the English at the legendary Wembley after penalties.

“La Gazetta dello Sport”: Robert Mancini will be the head coach of Saudi Arabia

Once again, however, it turned out that if it is not entirely clear what the matter is, it ends with the financial thread. The journalists of “La Gazetta dello Sport” published a text in which they inform about the fabulous offer for Mancini. The Italian was supposed to leave the Italian national team for the role of the Saudi Arabian national team coach.

Interestingly, for a year of work with the Saudis, the Italian is to receive (if the information is confirmed) up to 40 million euros. Mancini would replace Herve Renard, who took over the French women’s national team after losing the World Cup in Qatar (including a group match with Poland). There is also talk about the decision of the Italian federation to hire Gianluigi Buffon as director. This was to greatly displease Mancini, overflowing the cup of bitterness.

However, it is hard not to get the impression that the Italian coach lost a lot by choosing the Saudi direction. Extremely fashionable in recent months, but in a different context. Especially looking at the level of interest in football in Italy. Putting the Saudi Arabian national team above the one with which he won the European Championship is treated on the Apennine Peninsula as almost a betrayal.

Who is the new coach of the European football champions?

Two strong candidates for Mancini’s successor have already appeared on the market. One of them seems to be particularly strong. We are talking about the recent trainer of Piotr Zieliński, the author of the success of SSC Napoli in the previous Serie A season. This is Luciano Spalletti, who ultimately did not agree with the club from Naples regarding the extension of cooperation.

Candidate number two is Antonio Conte. Former trainer of Juventus or Chelsea, however, he worked with the Italian team in 2014-16. And it must be admitted that it was not an exceptionally successful time for the Azzurri. On the contrary, the Italians they were eliminated in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016, losing on penalties to Germany.

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