Polish volleyball players are stuck. An unusual situation before the match

Polish volleyball players are stuck.  An unusual situation before the match

Polish volleyball players are preparing for a friendly match against Germany at the inauguration of the national team season. Unfortunately, their training was interrupted by an unusual incident. Several Polish volleyball players got stuck in… an elevator.

Polish volleyball players started this year's edition of the Nations League very well. Stefano Lavarini's team defeated the Italians 3-0 at the opening and thus advanced to fifth place in the FIVB ranking. In the 21st century, Polish women have never been so high in the ranking.

An unusual situation involving Polish volleyball players

As for the volleyball players, they are just starting their preparations for the men's edition of this tournament. On Wednesday, May 15, they will play a sparring match with Germany in Katowice. This sparring will be preceded by the seventh edition of the Volleyball Walk of Fame, commemorating outstanding figures from the world of volleyball and beyond.

Just before the competition with Germany, a rather unusual situation occurred with the participation of Polish volleyball players. A photo appeared on Instagram showing that Jan Firlej, Bartosz Kurek, Tomasz Fornal, Mateusz Bieniek and Łukasz Kaczmarek… got stuck in the elevator.

The photo was captioned: “If you are wondering why we are not playing today, we are sitting between the second and third floors in Spała, but we keep our fingers crossed… for the elevator servicing team and for the Polish National Team,” we read.

The reaction of other volleyball players to this unusual event

He commented on the situation, among others: Norbert Huber, center of the Polish national team, wrote: “Too big contracts in one lift.” In turn, former Polish representative Piotr Nowakowski reacted as follows: “Because young people should take the stairs, elevators are for athletes 35+”

The Poland-Germany match will start at 17:00. A day later, on May 16, 2024, the Polish national team will face Ukraine in Sosnowiec. Start at 18:00.

As for the Nations League, from May 22, Poles will compete in Antalya, Turkey, with the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Then they will go to Japan (June 4), where they will fight against Bulgaria, Turkey, Japan and Brazil, and at the end of the group phase they will fight in Slovenia (May 19) against Italy, Argentina, Serbia and Cuba.

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