This is not the end of “lex Tusk”. Bielan: Ast was a bit rushed with this statement

This is not the end of "lex Tusk".  Bielan: Ast was a bit rushed with this statement

Adam Bielan confirmed that Law and Justice is not withdrawing from the “lex Tusk”. – Chairman Ast was a bit rushed with this statement – ​​he said on Polsat News. The politician admitted that there could be an additional sitting of the Sejm.

In the Friday edition of the program “Guest of Events”, the host Piotr Witwicki asked Adam Bielan about the reasons for PiS’s withdrawal from work on establishing a commission to investigate Russian influences. “We are not backing down,” the politician said. He said MP Marek Ast’s statement was the result of a communication disruption.

PiS continues work on “lex Tusk”

– I think that Mr Ast, whom I value and respect very much, hastened a bit with this statement. I think that in the coming days, Marshal Witek will inform about the details, but there is no decision to withdraw from this commission, Adam Bielan told Polsat News.

He also assured that he was well informed on this matter, because the words of MP Ast reached him during a meeting with PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. – He repeated: there is no decision to withdraw from the work of this committee – he said about the deputy prime minister’s reaction. – Tusk’s joy is definitely premature – he added.

Bielan about the additional session of the Sejm

Adam Bielan admitted that there was little time left to appoint the committee, because in the current term of office the Sejm will be sitting once more. “There will, I believe, be an additional meeting,” he revealed on the program.

– But these will be decisions that I would prefer Marshal Witek to communicate. I don’t want to step out of line. I do not want to act as a spokesperson for the Marshal, he continued. Asked whether any additional deliberations would concern “lex Tusk”, he confirmed. He stressed, however, that it would be a sovereign decision of Elżbieta Witek.

Siarkowska blocked the appointment of the commission

Adam Bielan also explained what caused the delays so far. – For many months, the appointment of this commission was blocked by an MP who had already left the United Right and joined the Confederation – he said. Anna Maria Siarkowska was supposed to hinder the development of work in the Sejm Internal Affairs Committee.

“She is no longer with us, among other reasons, I believe. However, I hope that this committee will be appointed at the next session of the Sejm (…) It will probably have to continue its work after the elections – he ended the thread.

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