Belka’s tax to be changed. Minister Domański revealed the direction of the amendment to the regulations

Belka's tax to be changed.  Minister Domański revealed the direction of the amendment to the regulations

There is a chance for changes in the so-called Belka tax. However, the government does not plan to completely abolish it.

The capital gains tax was introduced in 2002, when a large budget hole was revealed and state finances had to be patched up in various ways. The then Minister of Finance in Leszek Miller’s government, Marek Belka, proposed a 19% occupancy rate. tax on profits from deposits, bonds and shares. After two decades, the tax is still in force and is a nightmare for savers because it limits profits. The opposition proposed changing the regulations so that the tax would not apply at a time of high inflation, when the interest rate on deposits was much lower than the rate of price growth.

Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański said yesterday that there is a chance for changes in this tax that will be beneficial for savers. In an interview for TVN24, he said that “we will definitely present the entire solution regarding reducing Belka’s tax in February.” This was one of the promises made by the Civic Coalition before the elections.

He emphasized that this would not be a complete abolition of capital gains tax, and the amount of the levy would depend on the profits achieved. When asked what the tax thresholds would be, Domański indicated that he would “present it after consultations with interested groups.”

There will be no KSeF this year

Yesterday, Minister Domański also announced a big change for entrepreneurs: the National e-Invoice System will not come into force in 2024. – We have detected critical errors that prevent the introduction of the National e-Invoice System in 2024. These problems concern the code, the system, its functionality and efficiency, said Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański during a press conference.

Domański announced that a tender for an external audit of the system will be announced today. – Perhaps it will reveal further potential errors – Domański said.

However, this is only a postponement of the change in the method of issuing invoices. – We must take care of budget revenues, tighten the system and computerize the Polish economy. On the other hand, the introduction of KSeF cannot threaten the stability of economic activity, said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

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