Gold from the supermarket. Costco’s unusual offer is not for everyone

Gold from the supermarket.  Costco's unusual offer is not for everyone

Quite unexpectedly, it turned out that the online store of a popular American supermarket contained gold bars. However, not everyone can see this offer.

Normally, to buy a gold bar, you need to go to an authorized point of sale. They are served by people trained in such special transactions, and the customer receives special certificates confirming the value of the purchased gold, its authenticity and origin. However, it turns out that things may be different. CBS News reports that gold can now be purchased in the online store of the American supermarket chain Costco.

Gold at Costco. Offer for “premium customers”

Bars are offered in two types. However, the company does not immediately reveal the price of gold or whether it is currently in stock – because the offer is not addressed to every random customer on the street. According to the New York Post, two gold bars were recently available for less than $2,000 (approx. PLN 8,750). This is slightly more than the price at which 1 ounce of gold is currently available on the market, but sellers in specialized stores often add additional fees when selling gold. No word on whether it’s the same at Costco.

Only holders of a special customer card can buy gold. The company does not inform whether it is possible to ship bars abroad.

If it’s all so mysterious, how did information about this unusual offer even come to light? This was said by the chain’s chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, during a conference call. Quite unexpectedly, he added that he had received “several calls” from people who had seen an offer of one-ounce (about 30 grams) gold bars on the Internet. Did he say it without thinking, on impulse, or was that the plan? We don’t know that.

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