20 minutes was enough. The man found a unique gold nugget

20 minutes was enough.  The man found a unique gold nugget

A little determination and an average metal detector were enough for a man from England to boast of a unique gold nugget. No one in this region has such a large specimen in their collection.

An unusual discovery occurred in the county of Shropshire in western England. The place does not usually enjoy much publicity and is famous for, among others, because it is one of the least populated areas. Maybe this is what gave the metal prospector a lot of room to maneuver in his actions? When he went fishing, he found a record gold nugget. 20 minutes was enough.

He found a unique gold nugget. It took a while

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. It has a lot of advantages and, apart from looking beautiful, it can also provide savings protection that will be resistant to inflation. It is not without reason that many people dream of finding at least a small nugget and becoming rich. These were the plans of Richard Brock, a treasure hunter from England. Despite everything, he didn't expect that he would be so lucky.

The last field trip with a metal detector ended in success and found the largest gold nugget in the country. “I couldn't believe it,” the man revealed in an interview with the British media. The lucky area was the farmland of the Shropshire Hills on the border with Wales, near the town of Much Wenlock.

It has the largest gold nugget in England. What now?

The largest gold nugget in England found by Richard weighs approximately 64.8 g. The previous record for such a find was 54 g. However, it should be noted that it is not the largest specimen in the whole of Great Britain – larger ones were discovered in Wales and Scotland. The first of them weighed 97.12 grams and the second 121.3.

Are you wondering what you can do with a found nugget of this type? It turns out that the gold will be auctioned. Current forecasts show that the discovery can earn at least £30,000, which is approximately PLN 150,000. zlotys. “We expect great interest in this item. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a wonderful golden nugget,” said Ben Jones, a representative of the auction house, in an interview with the media.

It must be admitted that this is a unique story that can inspire other people to search for treasures. However, it should be remembered that the man in question did not act completely alone, because he took part in a larger organized expedition. After all, only he can boast of the treasure.

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