Mass evacuation of airports in France. Attack threats at six airports

Mass evacuation of airports in France.  Attack threats at six airports

Paralysis continues in France. Six airports in the country were evacuated after receiving an email with a bomb threat. Passengers share recordings on the Internet.

According to AFP (French Press Agency), airports in Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Toulouse and Beauvais in France have been ordered to evacuate following attack threats. Information about the planned attacks was sent to the services by e-mail. The police are verifying the threat. Passengers are shocked and publish the recordings online.

Messages with bomb threats

By noon on October 18, several French airports had received bomb threats or reports of dangerous, unattended luggage. Beauvais Airport mentioned on its Facebook page an “anonymous threat that several airports received.”

Bewildered passengers have been sharing videos on social media – some apparently having no idea why they were being taken outside. One of the videos on the website X (Twitter) shows an evacuation in Nantes caused by a “suspicious package”. People stood in the rain and wind while the services carried out necessary actions.

France plunged into fear

A spokesman for the French aviation authority DGAC confirmed that the evacuation had taken place at the mentioned airports, but did not provide all details related to the operation. The situation at some airports has already returned to normal. According to Le Monde, a spokesman for Lille airport said that three flights had been diverted and security forces were on the scene monitoring the situation.

French President Emmanuel Macron held a special security meeting with the prime minister and other key members of the government amid concerns about terrorist threats. Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, there have been other bomb threats in France. We Wprost have already informed about the planned attack in Paris and the evacuation of the Louvre.

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