ZUS issued an important announcement for retirees. The case concerns 8 million Poles

ZUS issued an important announcement for retirees.  The case concerns 8 million Poles

Nearly 8 million seniors will soon receive letters from the Social Insurance Institution. They will contain two important pieces of information.

The Social Insurance Institution informed that people receiving retirement or disability benefits will receive special letters in the near future. They will concern the payment of thirteenth pensions and the indexation of benefits. The letter will include information on how much seniors' benefits have increased this year (the March indexation rate was 12.12%), as well as the amount of the 13th pension paid.

ZUS will send letters to retirees

This year, the 13th pension is PLN 1,780.96 gross (last year it was PLN 1,588.44). From this amount, health insurance contributions (9%) and income tax of 12% must be deducted if the sum of the “thirteenth benefit” and the basic benefit exceeds PLN 2,500 gross.

The letters will be sent to nearly 8 million beneficiaries, who will receive a total of approximately PLN 15 billion under the thirteenth year. – The decision will specify the amount of the collected contribution and income tax advances, as well as the amount of the pension – explained Monika Kiełczyńska, regional spokeswoman for ZUS in the Łódź Voivodeship.

How to appeal against a ZUS decision?

The ZUS spokeswoman noted that such letters are nothing unusual. Retirees should know that it is possible to receive benefits in an amount different from that to which the beneficiaries are entitled. – It is very important to compare the data found in the decision with the transfer amounts.

If we find any discrepancies, the letter from ZUS will also include instructions on how to appeal against the situation. It should be submitted to the district court competent for the place of residence – the labor and social security court. The pensioner has exactly one month from the date of delivery of the decision to take such a step. After a positive decision on the appeal, the benefit should be compensated by an additional payment from ZUS or a refund of the surplus by the beneficiary.

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