The regional director of the State Forests was dismissed. It’s about Daniel Obajtek’s brother

The regional director of the State Forests was dismissed.  It's about Daniel Obajtek's brother

Bartłomiej Obajtek has been dismissed from the position of regional director of the State Forests in Gdańsk – Interia informed unofficially. He held this position for five years – from January 2018.

Interia journalists confirmed the information in two independent sources. The General Directorate was to send a letter to the regional directorate in Gdańsk on this matter. Interia reminds that Obajtek had 15 forest districts and a Wood Processing Plant in Lębork (Pomeranian Voivodeship) under his control.

Obajtek was previously the head of the Choczewo Forest District

Obajtek became regional director at the beginning of 2018. From 2016 to 2018, he was the head of the Choczewo Forest District (Pomeranian Voivodeship). In the years 2002-2018 he started as an intern, and then he was, among others, specialist in non-state forests, sub-forester of the Kornatka forestry (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) and a specialist in forest breeding.

He later worked at the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Kraków as a senior specialist in forest geodesy. Then, after 2007, he became a senior specialist for property status in the Gdańsk Forest District.

Scandal regarding an apartment in Gdynia

At the beginning of December, “Gazeta Wyborcza” received a letter written by the Association of Polish Foresters, which was sent to the director general of the State Forests, Józef Kubica. “Following your decision of December 5 regarding the list of properties intended for sale, (…) in which you approved the sale of the property (…) located right next to the headquarters of the Gdańsk Forest District and inhabited, among others, by by the directors: Obajtek and Jan Borkowski,” we read. The foresters further claimed that there had been “staff changes”, and immediately afterwards a meeting with the acting forester Jan Borkowski took place.

Paulina Partyka-Drzazga, while on sick leave, allegedly received an SMS from which she learned that she had been dismissed from her position as a forester. “We all know why director Obajtek dismissed Mrs. Paulina from her position,” we read.

In their opinion, “the point was to immediately prepare the necessary documents for the sale of real estate and sign the notarial deed of sale.” In Obajtek’s absence, he was supposed to fill the position of forester with a “trusted person” – the foresters claim. The latter was supposed to “ensure that the sale is a matter of high priority.” “We know from unofficial sources that (…) director Obajtek is interested in purchasing the premises with 95% interest. discount,” they informed.

“There will be no apartment plus…”

Obajtek responded to the letter for “GW”. “The form of dismissal from office was carried out in accordance with the principles of law,” he said. He added that “holiday” did not matter in this case, because Paulina Partyka-Drzazga lost her position, but not her job, and her notice period began after her return.

“Mr. Jan Borkowski and Bartłomiej Obajtek did not submit applications for the purchase of apartments in a multi-family building that have been rented for 11 years, because no offer was made to them regarding the possibility of selling them,” we read. In an interview with Radio ZET, in the context of becoming the owner of the premises, he emphasized that “there is no such option, neither formal nor legal.”

On January 6, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, ordered “to suspend all activities aimed at disposing of State Treasury properties at the disposal of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Gdańsk” – we read on X/Twitter. “This applies in particular to the sale of real estate that is the subject of inspection carried out by the unit. There will be no apartment plus…” – she added.

Earlier, MP Magdalena Filiks from the Civic Coalition warned on the same platform that “forester Obajtek arranged an appointment with a notary to buy an apartment in Gdynia.” She added that a meeting with a notary was scheduled for January 8. “I am therefore alerting journalists and the public that the forester would like to do this one day before formally dismissing the director of the State Forests,” she wrote.

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