A celebrity bought their house, but they did not receive any money. The prosecutor’s office brought charges

A celebrity bought their house, but they did not receive any money.  The prosecutor's office brought charges

Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Jacek sold their house to a celebrity, a former beauty contest finalist. The woman gained their trust, so they signed a contract. However, instead of money, they received an eviction notice. The case was handled by the prosecutor’s office.

The case was presented in the program Alarm! TVP. Four years ago, Mrs. Joanna and Jacek, divorcing spouses, decided to sell their house and buy two separate apartments. A celebrity and former beauty pageant participant became interested in the property. The woman gained their trust. The notarial deed of sale of the property has been signed.

They sold their house to a celebrity. An eviction notice arrived in the mailbox

– The money was supposed to be paid within two or three days, but it wasn’t. We started calling her, said Mr. Jacek. Then the woman began to explain vaguely. She said that the money in the foreign bank account was blocked in order to verify whether it came from an illegal source of income. – She sent me correspondence with the lady from the bank who was handling the case, and she assured me that the money would be available within two weeks at the latest. I was waiting – recalled Mrs. Joanna in an interview with “Super Express”.

Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Jacek reported the case to the bailiff and the prosecutor’s office. – She laughed that she had nothing, so the bailiff wouldn’t take anything from her – recalls Mrs. Joanna. After divorcing her husband, she stayed in the house, which is not formally her property, with her children. Mr. Jacek moved in with friends.

After some time, Mrs. Joanna received a registered letter with an eviction order within three days and to hand over the property to the celebrity.

The celebrity spoke out in front of the camera. She argued that she had paid for the house. She later sent a statement banning the publication of her statements and image. The woman and her husband have already been charged with fraud. Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, said that the suspects did not have funds to buy a house and had no intention of providing them. Enforcement proceedings have been suspended.

How can sellers protect themselves to avoid situations like this?

– Do not leave the notary until you have paid the price in your bank account – said the legal adviser in the TVP program. He added that the best forms of security are a notarial deposit or payment at the time of signing the notarial deed.

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