A famous building in Poland may collapse. Residents are at risk of displacement

A famous building in Poland may collapse.  Residents are at risk of displacement

The building in question is the famous Trzoblinowiec from Wrocław. The threat of collapse is so great that residents may be asked to evacuate overnight.

Experts examining the condition of Trzonolinowiec have no illusions – the technical condition of the famous building is in a deplorable condition. Although it has delighted not only the city’s residents for years, it may soon collapse. A special expert opinion has already been prepared and the tenants are being prepared for the worst.

The famous Wrocław skyscraper is in danger

What is Trzonolinowiec famous for? It has acquired many names over the years. It is defined, among others, a hanged man or a roper. Residents and tourists appreciated its unique structure, which is quite rare in Europe. The base of the skyscraper is a reinforced concrete core, transferring vertical compressive loads to the base of the building. The ceilings mounted on them have characteristic square platforms suspended on steel ropes. The role of the building in the city’s landscape is very important, as evidenced by the fact that recently the provincial conservator announced its inclusion in the register of monuments.

The skyscraper is located at ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 72-74, i.e. at the corner of ul. Dworcowa. It contains 44 apartments and is inhabited by many tenants. According to the expert opinion of scientists from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, it should be renovated and the residents will have to leave it for their own safety.

The problem is that the structural elements are overloaded and the building needs to be strengthened. Currently, the frequency of transverse vibrations of ropes above the roof and diagonal struts on the ground floor is monitored at least every three weeks. If appropriate work is undertaken, the Mountain Trailer may be saved, but this will involve significant difficulties.

Will residents be resettled from Trzonolinowiec? You can count on help

Local media are writing more and more often about the risk of collapse of Trzoboliniec. It is because of this threat that residents should be cautious and cannot feel calm. Construction supervision announced a year ago that resettlements would be necessary. Some people were already able to prepare their emergency accommodation, but many people did not have such an opportunity.

Displacement may occur in July this year, and if the situation becomes even more dangerous, even immediately. The most optimistic variant assumes that the skyscraper will last another year.

In the face of the difficult situation, the city does not remain passive. As reported by the website tuwroclaw.com, the city hall wants to help all residents by providing them with alternative housing. “We will do our best to take care of all tenants,” declared the mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk.

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