A flight attendant recorded a “pink UFO” during a flight to Poland. The film became a hit on the Internet

A flight attendant recorded a "pink UFO" during a flight to Poland.  The film became a hit on the Internet

A stewardess working on the London-Luton-Olsztyn route noticed something strange through the plane’s window. A pink-purple object appeared in the sky, which she tentatively called a UFO. She recorded the rare sight and her video is currently going viral.

During a Wizz Air flight from London Luton to Olsztyn, Poland, a flight attendant filmed a “pink UFO” in the sky. She saw a unique object from the windows of the plane. She was recording the route and suddenly she just noticed a pink and purple mark on the horizon. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” she revealed in an interview with foreign media.

The stewardess recorded a pink UFO

36-year-old Denisa Tanase recently operated one of the Wizz Air flights from Great Britain to Poland. While working, the woman recorded an unusual view outside the window. When 20 minutes later she wanted to see what she had filmed, she was shocked. That’s when she noticed an unusual pink object in the video, which actually consisted of several round shapes moving in the sky.

The stewardess, who is from Corby, Northamptonshire, said: “I have been a stewardess for a year and have never seen anything like this. I talked to the pilot to ask if he knew anything about it. But everyone was confused. They didn’t see anything during the flight and there was no turbulence,” she revealed.

A mysterious object over Poland

“It was a strange shape, like a shiny pink circle. At first we thought it might be a reflection of our pink uniform, but the video shows movement – you can see it’s flying,” she added.

Even though the woman was confused by what she captured on the video, she also felt excited. She always wondered if there were other civilizations.

“I had seen things on the internet before and often thought it could be Photoshop, but this time I made the recording myself. (…) My family and friends think they are definitely aliens,” she revealed.

Ms Tanase, who travels with Wizz Air throughout Europe, has not seen any other unidentified objects in the sky since the incident and continues to work as normal.

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