Zgorzelski distances himself from the coalition with PiS. This awaits people who “betray their colors”

Zgorzelski distances himself from the coalition with PiS.  This awaits people who "betray their colors"

Piotr Zgorzelski firmly commented on the alleged possibility of PSL concluding a coalition with PiS. Such speculations, without details, arose in connection with the local elections.

The next stage in the election marathon is behind us. The first of them were the parliamentary elections, which were held in October 2023. Local elections were held yesterday, and in June Poles will once again go to the polls – this time to elect their representatives to the European Parliament.

Piotr Zgorzelski published a series of entries on social media in which he referred to the results of the local government elections, but also analyzed the future, referring to the next political verification. “Setup for PE? The party leadership is meeting on Tuesday, where we will definitely make preliminary decisions. First of all, we are considering starting the Third Way, but we do not rule out other options,” emphasized the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm on the X website (formerly Twitter – ed.).

PSL coalition with PiS? Clear words from Piotr Zgorzelski

The PSL politician also firmly addressed the post-election puzzle and speculations that have been growing in recent hours regarding possible coalitions in the provincial assemblies. The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm firmly ruled out one of the possibilities. “A coalition with PiS in the provincial assemblies? NO OPTIONS. If any activist thinks of betraying our colors and entering into a coalition with a party that was not designated for a common bloc, he will be expelled from the group, he announced.

In the next entry, Piotr Zgorzelski emphasized that as a local government official, he does not agree with the trend of looking at the last elections only through the prism of provincial assemblies. “These are also communes and poviats where a lot of very valuable people run and become councilors,” he emphasized. Finally, the PSL politician assessed the position of the Third Way on the Polish political scene. “We achieved a very good result. We confirmed and strengthened the fact that we are the third power in Poland. We will continue to strive to maintain this position so that Poles remember that they have a choice beyond these two largest blocs,” noted the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.

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