A member of the Left recorded by the former director of her office. The prosecutor’s office made a decision

A member of the Left recorded by the former director of her office.  The prosecutor's office made a decision

The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the MP of the Left. It concluded that there had been a “malicious violation of employee rights”. It’s about the recordings of the former director of the office, Beata Maciejewska.

The former director of Beata Maciejewska’s office informed Wprost.pl that the Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz District Prosecutor’s Office had initiated an investigation into a malicious violation in the performance of activities in the field of labor law and social security in the MP’s office of MP Lewica of employee rights arising from the relationship to the detriment of the former director of Maciejewska’s office. The notice emphasized that this took place for an unspecified period of time no later than May 21, 2023.

The former director of Maciejewska’s office, who for now does not want to reveal his identity, argues that “he is in possession of 36 hours. legally recorded conversations, which show that the politician used mobbing in the MP’s office, siphoned money from the mileage allowance for illegal employment of her daughter and did not pay taxes for 15 years when she ran the foundation.

Beata Maciejewska recorded. The former director of her office responds to the allegations

The former director of Maciejewska’s office noted that at the end of June 2023 he was questioned as a witness by the police and provided all knowledge about the above criminal charges against the Left MP. He assured that he was at the full disposal of the law enforcement authorities. The former director of Maciejewska’s office emphasized that he would like to present the case in more detail, but it is currently impossible due to his health. He concluded that he had not made recordings for intra-party games.

The Left politician, referring to the tapes, argued that the goal was to discredit her person in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections. Maciejewska denied that there was evidence on the recordings that she used mobbing or violated employee rights. She assured that there were her “private conversations with an office employee about other people” at the time when the difficult process of joining the SLD and Robert Biedroń’s Spring took place.

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