Beata Szydło already knows what Donald Tusk will watch on TV for PLN 16.5 thousand. zloty

Beata Szydło already knows what Donald Tusk will watch on TV for PLN 16.5 thousand.  zloty

A new 77-inch TV was brought to the Prime Minister’s Office. Beata Szydło commented sarcastically on this purchase and reminded us about EU policy. reported about the impressive purchases made by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. As local journalists found out, one of the first investments of the new government was a huge TV set. The fact of purchasing the equipment was confirmed by the Government Information Center.
– In January 2024, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister purchased an XR77A80LAEP Sony 4K OLED TV (77 inches) to equip the meeting room in the Chancellery. The cost of the TV is PLN 16,499 – Maciej Wewiór, deputy director of CIR, told

A new TV set for KRPM, the “old” one went to the Prime Minister

The discovery was made when one of Donald Tusk’s recordings on social media noticed a large TV that had not been in his office before. CIR noted that the new TV set did not reach the Prime Minister’s office. The equipment seen in the recordings is an older model, purchased during the previous government.

– The Chancellery of the Prime Minister did not buy a TV set for Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s office. The TV set in the Prime Minister’s office is equipment that was already in stock at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. This is Samsung UE75CU7192 LED 4K Tizen (75 inches), which was purchased in July 2023 and was used by the previous head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Marek Kuchciński – explained CIR.

Szydło and Mueller about the prime minister’s TV

Former spokesman for Mateusz Morawiecki’s government, Piotr Mueller, commented maliciously that a new TV was needed to watch matches. – Prime Minister Morawiecki spent the saved time on analyzing economic reports, draft laws and meetings coordinating the activities of the government and public institutions – he added when asked about the lack of a separate TV in the office during Mateusz Morawiecki’s times.

Beata Szydło was also unkind to the Prime Minister. “Donald Tusk, thanks to his new TV set for PLN 16,500. PLN, can follow in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister the broadcasts of obliging TV stations, which are jointly silent about his consent to new EU taxes. Tusk agreed to incur gigantic costs for Poland and Poles, all in the name of further wasting resources on increasingly crazy climate policy,” she wrote on the X platform (Twitter).

“The European Commission has found a way to squeeze the money needed from member states to plug the holes in the Brussels budget. The answer to wasting billions of euros is to spend billions more. In addition, new taxes mean further non-treaty restrictions on the sovereignty of EU member states. This is why the European Commission needs Tusk in Poland,” added the former prime minister.

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