Tusk revealed the results of internal polls. “The opportunity is at your fingertips”

Tusk revealed the results of internal polls.  "The opportunity is at your fingertips"

– The results show very clearly what a great challenge we face, that the opportunity is within reach, but nothing has been resolved – said Donald Tusk during a meeting with voters in Elbląg. The PO leader revealed the results of the latest internal polls.

The parliamentary elections will take place in two and a half weeks. Parties conduct intensive campaigns and meet with voters in many places in the country. On Thursday, the leader of the Civic Coalition, Donald Tusk, visited Elbląg.

– I’m choked up again, and I get choked up every second or third day when I see thousands of such nice people. But here in Elbląg you really surprised me very pleasantly, because this is one of the records. I am moved by this, Tusk said to the audience at the beginning.

Elections 2023. Tusk revealed internal polls

The chairman of the Civic Platform pointed out that “the election result will be weighed until the last moment.” The PO leader emphasized that the party has current poll results prepared for internal use. – We try to use research tools very carefully. We study this on a very large sample, these are studies that we do not publish, so they are true. As a political party, I would not finance research just to have someone lie to me, Tusk explained.

– The results that came to me when I was leaving for Elbląg show very clearly what a great challenge we face, that the opportunity is at our fingertips, but nothing has been decided. In these studies, and this is a three-day average from a group of 1,500 people, they have 34.9 (percentage), we have 32.8 (percentage). This is less than a two percent difference, revealed the PO leader. “It’s not enough for me, and it’s probably not enough for you either,” he added.

Tusk also revealed poll support for “the other three parties that count in the game.” – 9.7 (percentage) has the Left, 9.5 (percentage) has Third Way, 9.3 (percentage) has the Confederation. Not bad. If it ended like this, the words “we will chase Kaczyński on October 15” will come true (…). But they (PiS – ed.) also know that the situation is tight and they have the tools, cynicism, that they will stop at nothing – he commented.

“Out of spite, they decided to stop the excavation”

During the meeting with voters, the PO leader also talked about, among other things, the issue of digging the Vistula Spit and building a port in Elbląg. He recalled that his government made the decision on this matter in 2014.

– We argued for a long time, these were hard discussions (…). The excavation and port in Elbląg were supposed to be ready in 2020, when we adopted the plan. Three years ago, ships were supposed to call here, Elbląg was supposed to make money, not PiS or another ruling party. How much propaganda did they do, remember, this is the third world war, the war with Russia was won. They told everything possible about how they opened. I don’t know if you remember this propaganda circus. I was actually afraid that at some point Kaczyński himself would dig with a shovel – said the PO leader ironically.

– Even when they built something, even though they spent twice as much money as our plans, they said they would not finish it because it was supposed to be theirs, not Elbląg’s, he said. He pointed out that PiS “wasted money down the drain” and “out of spite, as a punishment, they decided to stop the excavation at the turning point.”

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