Napoli congratulates on advancing to the EURO, but not Zieliński. There is no coincidence

Napoli congratulates on advancing to the EURO, but not Zieliński.  There is no coincidence

Piotr Zieliński led the team to advance to EURO 2024. Despite this, his club pretends not to know him. Napoli's behavior is not accidental.

Polish national team fans celebrate. Their beloved team, after great emotions, defeated the Wales team in a penalty shootout and advanced to EURO 2024. Although Piotr Zieliński was not as key a player in the play-off final as in other matches, it is impossible to imagine Michał Probierz's team without the Napoli midfielder today.

Piotr Zieliński omitted by the club

On Tuesday evening, fans of the Italian champion could watch both the Polish-Welsh match and the earlier one between Georgia and Greece. There, the Neapolitan star, Chwicza Kwaracchelia, plays in the colors of the first team. The striker led the team to a penalty victory over the 2004 European champions and a historic first promotion to the EURO.

Georgia is even more wild with joy than Poles. His club Napoli expressed kind words for the striker on social media. “Congratulations to Chwicza and the Georgian team on their first EURO qualification,” they wrote. After the White and Reds' victory, there were no similar congratulations for Zieliński.

Wisła fans quickly figured out what was behind it. It is known that after the end of the season, the 29-year-old will leave Napoli after many years and will move for free (his contract is expiring) to one of the most dangerous rivals in Serie A, Inter Milan. This does not please Aurelio De Laurentis, the owner of the club, who means that “Zielu” does not play in the team as much as in previous years.

Piotr Zieliński's career in Napoli

Piotr Zieliński joined Napoli in 2016. With the club from Vesuvius, he won the Italian championship in 2023 and the Italian Cup three years earlier. He played 360 matches, scoring 50 goals.

In the table of the current Serie A season, Napoli is in seventh place. Inter leads.

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