Zbigniew Boniek thunders about disgrace. He indicated who should be held accountable

Zbigniew Boniek thunders about disgrace.  He indicated who should be held accountable

The Poland-Czech Republic match will decide whether the White and Reds will still be able to dream of directly qualifying for Euro 2024. According to Zbigniew Boniek, failure to achieve this goal will mean only one thing.

The situation of the Polish national team in 2023 is, to say the least, worrying. After Czesław Michniewicz’s departure, Fernando Santos took over our national team, but he did not turn out to be a savior. On the contrary, the Portuguese did so poorly that he was fired after just a few months, and the mission of advancing to Euro 2024 was entrusted to Michał Probierz. However, there was no spectacular improvement and therefore whether our players will advance to the tournament will largely depend on the Poland-Czech Republic match.

Zbigniew Boniek is afraid of disgrace in the Polish national team

The facts are that it will be difficult for them to do so because they do not depend only on themselves. However, they unconditionally have to win against their southwestern neighbors, who also have their problems. Otherwise, we can forget about promotion to the Old Continent Championship, because we are currently in third place with 10 points, and the second-placed Czechs have 11. Moldova’s defeat against Albania (it has played one match less) would also be helpful. Unfortunately, this is not the end – in November there will also be a match between the Czechs and Moldova, where the result must also be favorable for Poland.

There are many variables that must come into play so that we do not have to fight for Euro 2024 in the play-offs. So it’s hard to be surprised that Zbigniew Boniek is worried about the future of our national team. – The point is to ensure that the achievements we have achieved are not wasted. Whether someone likes it or not, PZPN is perceived through the prism of the national team’s results – he said in an interview with “Sportowe Fakty”.

The former president of our federation openly admitted that if we do not go to the European Championships, it will be a real disgrace. – It seemed that we had the best group to get through, but it may soon turn out that we screwed up the qualifying rounds – he confessed. The former footballer also added that in the current situation, no one should be satisfied with the results of the White and Reds. He reminded, however, that no activist has any influence on what happens on the pitch, but the environment around the team does. However, any complaints will have to be directed mainly towards coaches and players.

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