Ratings after the Poland – Czech Republic match. A strong candidate for the worst performance of his career

Ratings after the Poland – Czech Republic match.  A strong candidate for the worst performance of his career

We issued ratings after the Poland – Czech Republic match. Only one of the White and Reds deserved praise, and another was a strong candidate for the worst performance in the national team in his entire career. Almost traditionally, there is nothing to be happy about.

As usual after the matches of the Polish national team, we also gave grades to our players after the match against the Czech Republic – classically on a scale from 1 to 10. One young player deserved clear praise, while one of the veterans was a complete failure.

Ratings after the Poland – Czech Republic match

Wojciech Szczęsny (5) – Unemployed most of the time, he had no chance when he conceded a goal, and he had to prove himself only at the end. He saved one very dangerous shot, which could have determined the Czechs’ victory. Fortunately, the Juventus goalkeeper was on duty.

Jan Bednarek (4) – We don’t understand his optimism, which he expressed after a draw that felt like a loss. If he saw so many positives straight away, he should watch this game coldly a few more times and analyze his game, among others, in a few respects. In his case, it’s like a mantra to talk about bad passes or poor security. In addition, the Southampton stopper lost the header due to the goal, 1-1. At the end he had a good opportunity to score a goal to make it 2-1, but he missed. And then there’s this:

Paweł Bochniewicz (5) – Unlucky. Overall, he didn’t play badly, he positioned himself well, although he made one mistake at the beginning of the match. Fortunately, the Czechs were not effective. Later, unfortunately, the ball bounced off him, after which our neighbors equalized. Pure coincidence, we don’t blame him. He would have to teleport to avoid it. Moreover, he was a bit uncertain in his actions – in duels and play. At the beginning of the second half he left the field due to an injury.

Jakub Kiwior (4) – Generally solid, although there were some mistakes. Already in the first minute he behaved badly in our penalty area, which allowed the opponents to take a dangerous shot. Fortunately, coach Silhavy’s players are also far from optimal form. Another time he tried to kick the ball so badly that it turned out to be a gift for the Czechs. On the other hand, at the end he blocked a dangerous shot, thanks to which we did not lose. Well, the Arsenal stopper’s play still shows a lack of regular play for the club.

Przemysław Frankowski (4) – He showed promise a few times on the right wing, he made two good centres, but there was nothing specific about it. He sowed a lot of wind, but the opponents somehow didn’t reap the storm.

Damian Szymański (3) – He ran a lot and… That’s pretty much it. He took part in offensive action a few times, but without conviction or real contribution to threatening the opponents. The match was an alibi, so the score was low.

Bartosz Slisz (3) – Basically, we could repeat the same thing we wrote about his colleague above. The performance was like during a high school test in a disliked subject from the “Three times zero” category – play, draw, forget.

Jakub Piotrowski (5) – It took a long time to develop, it remained invisible for a long time. However, when he did shine, it was serious, because he scored a goal to make it 1-0. This obviously gave him a boost as he played with more intensity and confidence. He had some good passes and it’s hard to fault him for anything.

Nicola Zalewski (6) – The best of the White and Reds on the pitch, which may be a bit surprising. Especially in the first half, he played on the left flank with great results. Most of the dangerous situations for the Poles in this part of the match resulted from his biting crosses. After one of them, the Czechs made a mistake, after which we scored a goal. Unfortunately, he faded a bit in the second set and failed to deliver a cross to make it 1-1. He should then run up to the opponent a little faster and prevent him from crossing.

Robert Lewandowski (1) – We don’t remember a single successful play by “Lewy”, unless we count single backward passes when he simply gave the ball to his teammates. He slowed down, the ball bounced around him, he looked like a foreign body in this team, and this was a really great play. He had one good opportunity to score a goal, but he hit the ball dirty. Something horrible. A strong candidate for Lewandowski’s worst performance in the national team.

Karol Świderski (4) – Decent performance, although without any obvious spark. As usual, he was very active, ran a lot and often showed up to play. Nicola Zalewski addressed his dangerous centers to him, but he did not convert any of them into a goal (the ball did not always reach him). He also tried to help play the game. Unfortunately, he was replaced during the break and taken to hospital.

Adam Buksa (4) – He ran a lot, he exerted himself physically, but there was little use of the ball in his football game.

Patryk Peda (unrated) – He came on to replace the injured Bochniewicz, but he didn’t play for too long because he was quickly given a penalty due to the fact that we had to chase the result. There is nothing interesting to say about the performance of this young defender.

Kamil Grosicki, Sebastian Szymański (unrated) – They played too short.

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