YouTube Premium more expensive in Poland. Here are the latest prices

YouTube Premium more expensive in Poland.  Here are the latest prices

The YouTube Premium price increase has finally arrived in Poland. From November, you have to pay more for no advertising on the platform. Here’s what a Google subscription looks like now.

YouTube Premium subscription increases were introduced in the US some time ago, and now Google is also raising prices in Europe. This means that we also have to take into account the more expensive YouTube Premium in Poland. This is how much you have to pay the company now.

YouTube Premium more expensive in Poland. The price jumped by a few zlotys

So far, the increase is taking place without much fanfare. However, foreign portals inform about international action concerning Poland, as well as countries such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany and Turkey.

The YouTube Premium increase was to come into force on November 1, 2023. In Poland, the price was PLN 23.99 in July. The official website advertising YouTube Premium already displays the amount of PLN 25.99. The increase is therefore two zlotys.

The company’s communication to subscribers shows that the increase only applies to new users for now. In Australia, emails say this is the “first ever subscription increase” for the country. Additionally, customers currently paying for the service will be able to use the old price “for at least three additional months.” Eventually, however, they will have to come to terms with the higher price.

It is worth recalling that at the same time, YouTube has recently started penalizing the use of ad-blocking software on the platform. The increase in prices and the simultaneous removal of adblocks will most likely cause considerable dissatisfaction among users in a short time.

YouTube raises prices in the US

Like most internet companies, YouTube is introducing price increases gradually, rolling out more regions one by one. Previously, we wrote at about the changes that took place in the USA.

At the end of July this year, the price of YouTube Premium in the United States increased by $2, i.e. slightly above PLN 8. Such an increase was more understandable because the service was introduced there already in 2015. In Poland, the value of the increase is lower, but the service was made available in our country only in 2019.

What does YouTube Premium give you? Users who pay an additional fee can watch content without ads. Additionally, they will play the video in the background or download it to the device’s memory. They also receive better video playback quality – 1080p Premium.

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