Zandberg: In the first term, we will gradually shorten working hours

Zandberg: In the first term, we will gradually shorten working hours

Poles work almost the longest hours among all European Union countries. Representatives of the Left are calling for changes in these statistics. Adrian Zandberg provided the details.

The left wants to shorten working hours. According to Eurostat statistics, Poles are among the longest working nations in the entire European Union.

Poles work almost the longest hours in the EU

Eurostat presented the results of research on working time in 2022. At the top of the longest working countries is Serbia, which aspires to join the European Union. There, the average working time per week is as much as 43.3 hours, which is over 10 hours more than in the Netherlands. Among the member states, Greeks work the longest in offices, spending 41 hours a week in offices.

Poles came second in the ranking of the longest-working nations in the European Union. According to Eurostat data, the average weekly working time in Poland is as much as 40.4 hours. In third place were ex aequo Romania and Bulgaria with a time of 40.2 hours. As you can see, Poles work rather as much as the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, rather than the countries in the rich west and north of the continent.

The left favors shortening working hours

According to Eurostat statistics, the Dutch work the shortest hours in the entire European Union, with an average weekly working time of 33.2 hours. In second place from the bottom are the Germans with an average of 35.3 hours, and slightly higher are the Danes who spend 35.4 hours at work per week.

The Left is trying to reverse the situation in Poland and reach the levels recorded among European leaders. It is the only party that has shortened working hours in its electoral program.

The proposal caused a lot of confusion. Entrepreneurs in particular stated that such activities would be harmful to the economy. One of the leaders of the Left commented on this type of arguments.

– During the first term of office, we will gradually shorten working hours. Safely, step by step, so that the economy can enter into it smoothly. It’s high time to do it, because Poles work hard and have earned the success of our economy. It’s time for them to start earning money like Europeans and living like Europeans. We have the right to do so – said one of the leaders of the Left, Adrian Zandberg, during a meeting with the inhabitants of Krakow.

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