Fire in Putin's residence. It was going to cost a fortune

Fire in Putin's residence.  It was going to cost a fortune

Vladimir Putin's residence, located in the Altai Republic, was partially on fire, the Syrena telegram channel reported. According to the source, there is supposedly a bunker right underneath it that can accommodate thousands of people.

Syrena's editorial team reports that they are currently investigating what caused the massive fire. One of the buildings forming a large residence burned down completely.

Putin's residence in flames. It's worth a fortune

The source states that the building is located in the village of Onguday in the Altai Republic. The first news about the ongoing construction began to circulate in the media around 2010. The official version is that it is not the president's estate, but a spa complex owned by the state-owned company Gazprom. Despite this, you cannot go to this place to spend time with your family. The estate was supposed to cost three billion rubles, or over PLN 130.5 million.

The fact that the building was on fire was first reported by blogger Amyr Ajtashev and activist Aruna Arna. They also published photos online, based on which it was established that the fire actually broke out in Putin's residence, which became famous for several reasons. One of them is the fact that there is an allegedly hidden bunker under it that can accommodate up to 100,000 people. people.

It was here that Putin was to host Berlusconi

It is worth adding that only the highest government officials can officially visit the estate. As Wirtualna Polska reminds, Putin received foreign guests there – including, among others, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Everyone who visited this place could enjoy the forest area, which is available only to visitors of the guarded place. A large farm with breeding red deer can surely amaze many people.

The source asked the Ministry of Emergency Situations for a comment on the fire, but until the information about the incident was published, journalists did not receive any response from the ministry's employees.

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