When will Poland adopt the euro? Domański dispels doubts

When will Poland adopt the euro?  Domański dispels doubts

Andrzej Domański, who will probably become the Minister of Finance in the new government, claims that the topic of adopting the euro is a substitute topic. He indicated other priorities.

For several days now, the discussion about Poland’s potential adoption of the euro has flared up again. Let us remind you that this is a point we agreed to when joining the European Union.

Will Poland adopt the euro? A clear declaration

Civic Platform MP Andrzej Domański commented on the matter on Radio Zet. He is Donald Tusk’s chief economic advisor, the author of some of the demands included in the 100 specifics for the first 100 days, and – as is said behind the scenes – a candidate for the new Minister of Finance.

– It is not in our 100 specifics and it is not in the coalition agreement. Currently, Poland has much more serious challenges than joining the euro zone, to which Poland de facto committed itself in the referendum (accession – editor’s note) in the long term – said Andrzej Domański.

There are no conditions for adopting the euro

The likely Minister of Finance directly referred to the conditions that the economy of a member state must meet in order to adopt the common currency.

– We know what the macroeconomic indicators are and that Poland does not currently meet the criteria for entering the euro zone. The discussion is a substitute discussion. What we need to talk about now is what to do to make economic growth significantly higher and to ensure that it is growth that does not fuel inflation, i.e. is strongly focused on the supply side – said Andrzej Domański.

The Third Way, and especially Poland 2050, claims that it is currently the only party that is still in favor of adopting the euro. Does the Civic Coalition intend to dissuade its coalition partners from pushing its idea?

– We won’t say “give it a rest”. There is a very friendly atmosphere within the coalition at the moment. We are back to real debate and discussion. We will adopt solutions concerning, in particular, the Polish economy in dialogue with our coalition partners – Domański stated.

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