Apple will repair iPhone 12. The smartphone emits too much radiation

Apple will repair iPhone 12. The smartphone emits too much radiation

Apple quickly reacted to the ban on the sale of the iPhone 12 in France. The company announced appropriate changes that will reduce the radiation emitted by the phone.

Apple reacted to the latest move by the French authorities, who ordered the withdrawal of the iPhone 12 from sale throughout the country. The situation is developing very quickly, as the company has already announced countermeasures regarding the model that violates standards.

iPhone 12 with update – will reduce radiation

The American corporation has publicly pledged to develop a software update as soon as possible that will reduce the level of radiation emitted by the iPhone 12 during normal user use. Let us recall that the 2020 phone model exceeded the permitted standards during tests by the local regulator. The country’s authorities immediately issued an order to withdraw the unit from sale with a two-week deadline for implementation.

Apple, in its official position, questioned the results of the local authority’s tests and emphasized that iPhone 12 has passed the certification process and is compliant with global standards regarding the SAR norm.

At the same time, the company indicated that it will “develop a software update for French users that will take into account the testing protocol used by the French authorities.” The country’s government pledged to immediately test the new version of the device and withdraw the sales ban once the standards are met.

iPhone 12 with problems in France – radiation above the norm

Late last week, the iPhone 12 – the company’s first 5G smartphone – became a big problem for Apple. As we wrote in, the phone was scrutinized by the French ANFR, i.e. the National Frequency Agency.

The regulator conducted tests in which the iPhone 12 exceeded the SAR radiation standard, i.e. the specific absorption coefficient. As the experiment showed, an Apple device held in the hand emits approximately 5.7 W/kg. The permissible safety standard is only 4 W/kg.

According to guidelines published by the French occupational safety and health agency ANSES, higher SAR values ​​may lead to an “increased risk of brain tumors.”

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