PlayStation 5 Pro is coming. The console is to be available at an attractive price

PlayStation 5 Pro is coming.  The console is to be available at an attractive price

PlayStation 5 Pro is scheduled to debut at the end of this year, at a very attractive price.

PlayStation 5 has been on the market for over three years, so, in line with Sony's policy, an improved version of the popular console, PlayStation 5 Pro, is fast approaching. And although Sony has not officially announced it yet, we can have suspicions bordering on certainty that a more powerful PS5 variant will finally debut at the end of 2024. Sony may not present it until the second half of the year, but there are already many interesting rumors about PlayStation 5 Pro that can be pieced together.

PS5 Pro price. The rumors are optimistic

Popular YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead recently commented on the potential price of PlayStation 5 Pro, claiming that he had verified information on this subject. In his opinion, PS5 Pro will cost $500, which is the same as the basic version of the console cost at launch in 2020. If these rumors were true, players would have real reasons to be happy.

The YouTuber also claims that PlayStation 5 Pro, like PS5 Slim, will only be available in a version without a built-in Blu-ray drive, which can be purchased separately if necessary. The gaming industry is slowly moving away from boxed editions because the world is moving towards digital content and this trend cannot be reversed.

PlayStation 5 Pro specifications

Let us recall that what has been leaked online so far shows that the PS5 Pro will be equipped with an AMD Zen 2 processor clocked at 4.4 GHz, 16 GB of GDDR6 memory (18 Gbps) on a 256-bit bus and an AMD graphics system RDNA 2 with 56 active CUs.

The premiere of PlayStation 5 Pro will probably take place during the holiday season at the end of 2024.

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