Will “Shield East” be effective? Gen. Pacek: Germany must also make a contribution

Will "Shield East" be effective?  Gen. Pacek: Germany must also make a contribution

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz presented more information about the East Shield during a press conference. He emphasized that this is the largest operation to strengthen Poland's eastern border and NATO's eastern flank since 1945. What do the military say? Gen. Bogusław Pacek, director of the Polish Army Museum, assesses the Polish government's strategic project positively in an interview with “Wprost”. However, he adds, it is difficult to predict whether the barrier will be effective.

The “Shield East” program is an inter-ministerial project aimed at securing the eastern wall of the Republic of Poland and thus the eastern flank of NATO. In addition to the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Infrastructure are involved in the work of the team for coordinating tasks under the program.

The estimated cost of building the shield is approximately PLN 10 billion. Deputy Minister of National Defense Cezary Tomczyk explained that “these are investments concerning both military units and airports, but also matters related to the border of the Republic of Poland.”

– We have to secure approximately 700 km of the border, including 400 km with Belarus. We want this project to be implemented immediately. It will start this year. Planning is ongoing, Tomczyk said.

Ultimately, the program is to be implemented by 2028.

Will the firewall be effective?

– For security reasons, the Ministry of Defense's presentation is not 100% complete information on exactly what the shield should look like. However, we have something specific, and I assess it positively. Every step towards strengthening our borders and deterring potential opponents deserves praise, says General Bogusław Pacek.

However, as he adds, it is difficult to assess at this stage whether the barrier will be one hundred percent effective. It depends on many factors – mainly on the quality and arrangement of installations, fortifications and equipment.

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