Andrzej Duda talked to protesting farmers. He made an important decision

Andrzej Duda talked to protesting farmers.  He made an important decision

Andrzej Duda will meet with representatives of the “Orka” Agricultural Union, who until recently protested in the Sejm. What did you find out?

Andrzej Duda met with a group of farmers from the “Orka” union who had been protesting in the Sejm since May 9. They entered parliament on passes submitted by Konfederacja and PiS. After a conversation with Andrzej Duda on Wednesday 22, the occupation of the parliamentary corridors ended.

Farmers' protest. What did they talk about with the president?

After the end of the talks with farmers, which took place on Monday, May 27, at the Presidential Palace, presidential minister Wojciech Kolarski told journalists that trade unionists thanked the head of state for showing respect and, in fact, ending this dramatic protest after two weeks. According to Andrzej Duda's colleague, the protesters were angry that Donald Tusk did not meet with them.

Wojciech Kolarski announced that the result of the meeting was Andrzej Duda's consent to the farmers' request for a representative of the protesters to join the President's Council for Agriculture. A meeting between a broader representation of protesting farmers and members of the Council for Agriculture will soon take place, but no specific date has been announced yet.

Farmers about talks with Andrzej Duda

After the talks with the president, Mariusz Borowiak from the “Orka” agricultural union emphasized that the farmers' strike will not end until their two main demands are implemented. The trade unionist mentioned the Green Deal, the provisions of which, in his opinion, should be agreed with farmers. and ending the uncontrolled inflow of goods from Ukraine.

– Then we will stop striking because we want Polish citizens to eat healthy food – he said. We, as an organization – if there are any talks – we will be happy to return to the Sejm, but not to go on strike, but simply to talk with the MPs and the ruling team – he said.

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