Will KPO increase real estate prices? It's quite possible

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We will have until August 2026 to spend the money from the KPO. The accumulation of work may result in a lack of workers on the market, and developers and public investors will “tear them out of their hands” just to be able to implement their plans. This may result in an increase in real estate prices.

Politicians are happy that after more than 3 years of waiting, our country will receive access to money from the National Reconstruction Plan. The Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy announced that the first PLN 1 billion from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) was allocated for investments. The most money went to the Clean Air program.

What was the first money from KPO used for?

“The first billion is behind us. We have already invested so much with KPO! Clean air, investments in Polish farmers, laptops for teachers, nurseries, internet in the countryside. And this is just the beginning,” said Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Minister of Funds, quoted in the release.

The advance payment from the KPO allocated over PLN 598 million to the “Clean Air” program, whose task is to replace heat sources and improve energy efficiency in single-family houses. PLN 209 million was allocated for investments in small and medium-sized farms and for the diversification and shortening of the supply chain of agricultural products. PLN 148.8 million went to laptops for teachers. Another PLN 187 million was allocated to providing access to very fast Internet in the so-called white spots. PLN 17.1 million was invested in insulating blocks of flats and tenement houses, and PLN 13.6 million went to nurseries.

The National Reconstruction Plan for Poland provides for 55 investments and 55 reforms.

Will the KPO increase housing prices?

We must hurry to spend the money, because the deadline for this will expire at the end of August 2026. Accelerating public investments may cause housing developers to run out of workers, and the prices of construction materials and labor will go up. Thus, increased “public” demand in a relatively short period of time may increase housing prices.

Marek Wielgo, an expert of the website rybprzeotny.pl, admitted in response to questions asked by the RMF FM editorial team that there is a risk that “the euro river, which is soon to flow to our country, will accelerate the pace of apartment price growth.”

– At the same time, developers, road, railway and public utility construction will experience a boom. The accumulation of investments may result in a sharp increase in the prices of many construction materials and labor costs. Therefore, those who expect stabilization or even a decline in housing prices may make a mistake – he added.

Vice-president of the National Chamber of Real Estate Management (KIGN), Piotr Stawicki, predicts that “investors will even recruit specialists in the fields in which these works or activities will be carried out.” Can developers prepare in advance for difficulties?

– The industry can only prepare in terms of warehouses, i.e. it can produce enough materials and products to be available on the market. However, we will certainly not suddenly employ people and this will be the main impediment to the implementation of tasks or the main cost factor on the market – said Stawicki.

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