Kaczyński is one step away from a serious accident. The recording was published online

Kaczyński is one step away from a serious accident.  The recording was published online

Jarosław Kaczyński was almost hit by a car during the celebration of the Smolensk monthly anniversary. The PiS president probably did not notice the approaching car.

A recording from a car recorder showing Jarosław Kaczyński appeared on social media. According to the data visible in the frame, the recording is from Sunday, March 10. It was recorded at 11:24. When the green light turns on, the driver turns from Królewska Street towards Piłsudski Square, where the Smolensk monthly celebrations were taking place. Suddenly, however, he brakes because Jarosław Kaczyński tries to enter the crossing and is stopped by one of the men standing nearby.

There are directional signals at the intersection, which means that pedestrians had a red light at that time.

The stormy course of the Smolensk monthly anniversary

The Smolensk monthly anniversary in March was turbulent. Jarosław Kaczyński appeared at Pisłudski Square in the company of leading PiS politicians. The delegation laid flowers in front of the monument to Lech Kaczyński and the monument to the victims of the Smolensk Tragedy. The PiS president was accompanied by, among others, Marek Suski, Antoni Macierewicz, Mariusz Błaszczak, Stanisław Karczewski and Ryszard Terlecki. A group of PiS opponents also gathered. As politicians marched between the monuments, shouts were heard: “where is the wreck?” and “when will you finish this nativity scene?” and “Kamiński to prison”.

Activists laid a wreath at the Smolensk monument with the inscription “In memory of the 95 victims of Lech Kaczyński, who, ignoring all procedures, ordered pilots to land in Smolensk in extremely difficult conditions. Rest in peace. “The Polish Nation”. Marek Suski tried to take the wreath. – We prevented a PiS MP from taking our wreath. It was crowded and dangerous, reported Zbigniew Komosa, one of the activists. – None of us had any intention of attacking anyone. The attack came from the other side, he added.

After the events at Piłsudski Square, Małgorzata Wersocka from the Warsaw Police Headquarters also spoke and informed PAP that no one had been detained. – Despite the emotions on site, it was safe – she said.

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