Putin’s declaration of assets has been published. Not a word about yachts and the palace

They recorded conversations between doctors and patients.  The reasons are shocking

Vladimir Putin declares that he lives on a presidential salary of approximately PLN 114,000. euro and owns an apartment in St. Petersburg. In fact, he may be one of the richest men in the world – and he is certainly the richest politician.

It is speculated that he is one of the richest people in the world. It may include several yachts, a luxurious palace worth 900 million euros on the Black Sea (it became famous when Alexei Navalny showed a visualization of the palace), many apartments and billions in gold and various currencies. Meanwhile, in his declaration of assets he showed that over six years he had earned 67,591,875 rubles – i.e. approx. 750,000. dollars. Additionally, he admitted to owning an apartment with an area of ​​77 m22 in St. Petersburg, garage with an area of ​​18 m22 and three cars.

Vladimir Putin’s fortune is a closely guarded secret

We are talking about Vladimir Putin, who is probably the most mysterious politician in the world. He appears less and less often in the Kremlin – politicians come to the place he indicates. This will be determined by security considerations: while a few years ago Putin was terrified of coronavirus infection, now he is afraid of an attack. There are suspicions that his lookalike appears at rallies and meetings with Russians. Nothing is officially known about his assets – after all, no one will believe that the assets shown in the asset declaration are his full assets.

The incumbent president made a statement in connection with his planned participation in the presidential elections, which will be held from March 15 to 17, 2024.

We know about Vladimir Putin’s wealth from international investigations, during which hundreds of journalists from around the world revealed the existence of networks of unclear political and business connections. In the investigation called the Panama Papers, it was revealed that the Russian leader possesses, among others, USD 2 billion hidden thanks to an extensive network of companies. In May 2022, the Italian authorities took over Scheherazade, a superyacht worth over EUR 650 million, whose official owner is Eduard Khudainatov, former general director of the Russian state oil company Rosneft, but Bloomberg journalists argue that it belongs to the Russian president.

The attempt to solve the mystery of Putin’s wealth cost Nemtsov his life

A few months later, it was revealed that five weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, Putin had ordered a luxury yacht called Kosatka (formerly Graceful), worth EUR 87 million, to be transported from Hamburg to Kaliningrad.

Former deputy prime minister and oppositionist Boris Nemtsov tried to determine the origin of Putin’s wealth. He accused the president of making millions on corrupt transactions with energy companies and for accepting bribes from companies building the Olympic Village in Sochi. In February 2015, Nemtsov was shot dead in central Moscow.

It is estimated that the assets controlled by Putin may be worth up to $200 billion.

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