Chopin Airport warns. Scammers sell lost luggage

Chopin Airport warns.  Scammers sell lost luggage

Fraudsters sell “lost luggage” and Chopin Airport responds. A post appeared on the port’s Facebook profile that should not be ignored.

There is no shortage of scammers these days. When it comes to tourism, there have been many warnings recently regarding, among others: theft in Rome or thieves who sold fake tickets in St. Peter’s Basilica. Mark in Venice. These types of actions always cause confusion and anxiety. This time, the Chopin Airport informed about the recalcitrant practices of an organized criminal group.

Chopin Airport warns. Scammers try to sell luggage

On the official Facebook page of Chopin Airport you can see a special post with a warning. “False profiles of our airport are being created, which trigger offers for the sale of lost luggage,” write the authors of the message. Unfortunately, this is a fraudulent practice aimed at obtaining personal data.

Airport representatives inform that they never collect missing luggage, because such luggage always ends up in the hands of appropriate officers and is checked very carefully. Selling any suitcases or travel bags is never an option, so anyone who notices a suspicious offer of this type on the Internet should act immediately. Under no circumstances should you believe that this is a fair offer.

See a fake profile? React

Fraudsters who try to sell allegedly missing luggage operate from fake and newly created Facebook accounts of Chopin Airport. They are very easy to recognize, all you need is a bit of caution and perceptiveness. “We have currently identified fake profiles: Warsaw Chopin Airport – a copy of our official profile. Okęcie Airport,” we read in the official post.

Anyone who comes into contact with further false messages should immediately report them, among others: to the Chopin Airport service office – it is worth writing a private message on the Facebook profile and providing all the details. Internet users immediately reacted to the warning post, expressing gratitude for the warnings. Any attempt to purchase “lost luggage” will end not only in failure, but also in revealing sensitive data that will be used by thieves to achieve their nefarious goals.

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